Food & Drink



Besan Ladoo $5.99
Motichur Ladoo $5.99
Desi Ladoo $5.99



Peda (Bengali/Kesar) $6.99
Roll (Pista/Kaju) $6.99
Gajrela $5.99
Agra Petha $5.99
Badam Halwa $7.99
Ras Malai $6.99
Kalakand $6.99
Jalebi $3.99
Chena Murgi $7.99
Sandpiece Rasgula $5.99
Malai Champ $5.99
Chum Chum $5.99
Amriti $6.99
Balushahi $6.99
Dhoda $6.99


Besan/ Bhuna Burfi $4.99
Paneer/ Malai Burfi $6.99
Kaju/ ChocolateBurfi $6.99


Black/Dilbahar Jamun $5.99
Plain/Baby Jamun $5.99


Snacks & Appetizers


Aloo Paratha $2.99
Amritsari Paratha $3.99
Gobi Paratha $2.99
Paneer Paratha $3.99
Plain Paratha $2.99



Masala Dosa $5.99
Paneer Dosa $5.99
Munchurian Dosa $5.99
Punjabi Dosa $5.99
Plain Dosa $5.99



Vegetable Pakora $5.99
Paneer Pakora $7.99
Gobi Pakora $5.99
Chilli Pakora $5.99
Puri Chole $3.99
Bhatura Chana $3.99
Kulcha Chole $2.99
Dahi Vara $3.99
Samosa $2.99
Aloo Tikki $3.99
Pani Puri $3.99
Punjabi Chaat $2.99
Chaat Papri $2.99




Punjabi Lassi $2.99
Mango Lassi $2.99
Plain Lassi $1.99
Salty Lassi $1.99



Soda Drinks $1.29
Indian Tea $0.99
Fresh Juices $3.99
Jal Jeera $1.99
Shakanjanvi $1.99


Lunch Special

today's special

All you can eat thaali-combo with chapatti, naan or puri! Featuring a mixture of Indian dishes including sholay, saag, shahi paneer, malai kofta, aloo-gobi, raita and more! Every day there's something new to try, so check out our lunch special for only $5.99

Having a party?

Our quality restaurant offers catering for your special event. Come and sample our fine Indian dishes before treating your guests to some simply amazing cuisines.

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Tailored for you

As well as selling suits, we also make them! If you need your clothes made to suit you, make sure you come to our in-house tailors. Even if you don't buy clothes from us, we can still tailor your clothes as needed.

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